What We Faced


New acquisitions created a complex operating environment that required assimilating people, processes, and technology to thrive in the competitive natural gas marketplace. The client had an urgent desire to quickly offer energy services, solutions and value to its existing and new markets. Additional requirements from management included:​

  • Increase probability of hitting annual financial targets​
  • Build a platform for future acquisitions​
  • Technology integration of acquired companies resulting in one cohesive organization​

Implemented Technologies

Endur CTRM​
Salesforce Sales Cloud, Community Cloud​
What We Did


The proposed solution consisted of three workstreams: Endur upgrade, wholesale business consolidation, and commercial and industrial (C&I) implementation.​

The Endur upgrade from v10.1R1 to v16.0 and additional upgrades to infrastructure components established the target state environment for the additional workstreams.​

The migration of the wholesale business unit from legacy system Entegrate to Endur allowed business users to operate in one ETRM system. This improved position management, exposure reporting, settlement processing, settlement netting and accounting functions. It also eliminated the manual reconciliation and balancing effort between the systems which improved the accuracy of financial reporting.​

The C&I implementation covered a wide range of business processes across multiple systems. It installed functionality to support the management of 17,500+ C&I customers with 30,000+ accounts, 150+ C&I representatives and other supporting functions. It also added new functionality in Endur and Salesforce Integration as well as new custom applications.​

What We Delivered


The wholesale business consolidation and C&I benefits centered focus on data-driven decision-making solely within the upgraded Endur instance. Technical and operational automation provided the client with accurate tools to achieve business goals. Key benefits included:​

  • Expected internal rate of return (IRR) of 12.2%​
  • Increased business process efficiency and accuracy through the consolidation to a single ETRM system by allowing more analysis and less data preparation​
  • Enhanced business process efficiency and accuracy through the standardization of business processes among the organization and its acquired companies​
  • Reduced manual reconciliation efforts of physical position management and the possible risk of imbalance payments, penalties and overrun charges​
  • Provided bandwidth for employees to handle additional workload required for future expansion​
  • Enabled integrated position management, exposure reporting and settlement processing​
  • Consolidated invoice processing which improves settlement efficiencies and simplifies external settlement operations​
  • Overall, automated 90,000 hours of manual work annually ​

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