What We Faced


The client required a trade monitoring platform to allow compliance users to investigate anomalies found in commercial transactions across global portfolios stored within various ETRM source systems. ​

The large trading organization had a broad trading focus with global operations and varying front/mid/back office processes supported by multiple ETRM source systems. They required reporting for different business units with a two-year history of daily results. The complexity posed design challenges for the solution. ​
Key Business Drivers:​

  • Protect the stakeholders of the company​
  • Provide assurance to regulatory agencies
  • Adhere to internal policies​
  • Surface transaction anomalies before concerns arise​
  • Protect the company’s reputation​

What We Did


The MRE project team conducted a joint strategic study with the Chief Technology Officer including a Situation

Assessment and Strategy Selection, and built a Technology Roadmap. ​
The study was designed to identify key strategic decisions, conduct a competitor assessment, identify best practices and forecast capital requirements based on potential programs.

  • Competitive Assessment – identified key software packages used by competitors for Retail Operations​
  • SWOT Assessment – assessed current technology functionality, in-flight and planned projects​
  • Technology Roadmap – created scenarios based on key strategic decisions, including spend and confidence levels​
What We Delivered


Executive Team received a clear assessment of the technology platform and the next decisions required to build a leading edge platform.​

  • Identified tradeoffs between $10M and $7M programs to empower the business to understand the impact of technology decisions.​
  • The company was able to leverage the study to communicate the Technology Roadmap and their plans for retail operations.​
  • The retail energy provider was acquired by a competitor for $300 MM.​

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