30 & Thriving: A Milestone Anniversary


Team MRE,

This year marks a remarkable milestone – three decades since the inception of MRE Consulting. It’s incredible to reflect on the progress we’ve made from our humble beginnings in a shared office, fueled by the trust our first client placed in our commitment to quality, integrity, and determination. We are excited to share this anniversary with everyone who made the last 30 years possible. We look back fondly on all the people who made MRE what it is today.

From the dedicated employees who poured their talent and passion into every project, to the clients who believed in our vision and entrusted us with their business needs, to the partners and stakeholders who supported us along the way – each person has played an integral role in shaping our journey.



Together, we’ve weathered challenges, celebrated victories, and continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the industries we serve. Our success is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As we mark our 30th year in the business, we’re taking a moment to share some “pearls of wisdom” that have guided us along the way and have been pivotal in our success, our culture and what it means to be MRE.

Trust One Another

We trust each other implicitly. We don’t always agree, but we all share the same goal – to do what’s best for MRE and our people. We don’t expect to agree all of the time – and that’s part of our success. We thrive on diverse perspectives, healthy debates, and challenging each other because that’s what makes us stronger.

When we bring new people into MRE, we ask: can this person become part of our circle of trust? Will this person prioritize making the best decisions for their teams and clients? Will this person represent MRE with integrity? The answer must be a resounding “yes!”


Work Hard and Do the Right Thing

We are proud of our integrity, ethics, and grit. We have always endeavored to do right by everyone we work with –our people, our clients, and our community. What does the right mean? It means being fair, and if there’s a tie, it goes to the employee or the client, and not to the company. It means giving back to our community and helping people because we have the means to help. It means making the best decisions we can for that day and hiring capable people so they can help us solve problems even better.

Make the Best Decision for the Day

Three decades translates to lots of ups and lots of downs. We have weathered a lot – from the Enron scandal, the 2008 financial crisis, to the Covid lockdowns. We know that many things are out of our control, and you learn the most when things are tough. We embrace the unexpected and look for the opportunities. In every case, our approach has been simple: make the best decision we can for the day.

Above all, thank you to all our people.

Cheers to Thirty Years, MRE Consulting

Headshot of MRE Employee Shane Merz

Shane Merz

Founding Partner & Vice President

Dru Neikirk

Founding Partner & Vice President

Mike Short

Founding Partner & President
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