Our Approach

Marketing teams structure deals and provide competitive pricing through supply chain innovation and risk management. There is a convergence in the technologies and systems for managing commodities across the wholesale, C&I and retail space.

Challenges We Help Solve

Enable smarter decision-making

Manage positions on a day-to-day basis for trading and operational decisions. Get visibility into current performance against short-term and long-term forecasts to enable quick pivots and business velocity.

Achieve operational efficiency

Achieve operational efficiency through visibility into the end-to-end process from scheduling to settlement and their effectiveness. For example, leverage insight into trading efficiency by instrument type or error counts to tune operations.

Manage risk effectively

Gain visibility and transparency across the commodity value chain to monitor risks and risk factors impacting deal valuation, portfolio valuation, and book valuation. Manage all forms of risk effectively: market risk, location risk, financial risk, regulatory risk.

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Case Study

Accelerating reporting and insights for daily position management

The client’s existing processes for end-of-day day reporting were cumbersome and manual, keeping teams focused on data preparation versus data analysis. The new reporting capabilities alleviated pressure on business teams and enabled them to enhance their reporting capabilities.​

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Case Study

Integration Solution Propels Trading Portfolio​

A natural gas marketing organization engaged MRE Consulting to replace the vendor product used to manage their complex trading portfolio. The solution delivered one consolidated data recording system, enabling a shift in focus from accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the transactional data, to analysis of data for decision making. ​

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Case Study

Winning in Wholesale Power with ​Salesforce Deal Capture

The company was using a home-grown legacy system that lacked strong reporting and trade capturing functionality. MRE developed a trade capture process in Salesforce for the Wholesale Power business unit, resulting in standardization and visibility throughout the organization.

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Our Capabilities


Integrate front, mid, and back office operations to support business processes for commodity trading and manage risk exposure.

Business process automation

Automate business processes, eliminating the need for manual processes and spreadsheets. Digitize operational processes to enable ability to measure quality for continuous improvement.

Operational vs. Financial Reconciliation

Understand how your financial statement PnL compares to your trading desk PnL. Get insight into daily fluctuations in the value of your portfolio.

EMA & AMA Modeling

Model complex asset management agreements (AMA’s) to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and efficacy of general ledger activities, reducing need for labor intensive support activities.

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In the fast-paced, high-risk field of energy/commodity trading and risk management (CTRM), companies can’t afford to rely on what’s worked in the past. We help organizations with innovative people and processes to stay ahead of their competitors.


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