What We Faced


The client needed to capture deal information for their wholesale power business unit in Salesforce. The company was using a home-grown legacy system which lacked strong reporting, trade capturing functionality, and required manual-entry to maintain trade data. The inability to capture complex deals, varying pricing, and approvals led to a lack of visibility and difficulties in managing trades.

Challenges included:

  • Non-standardized processes for obtaining approvals and maintaining product selections in the homegrown application​
  • Insufficient reporting ability lead to significant manual effort to extract and analyze data​
  • Inability to differentiate between simple deals and complex deals that require detailed information​
  • Existing Salesforce solutions created for prior business unit had considerable technical debt built-in to the developed processes​

Implemented Technologies

salesforce sales cloud
mulesoft integration
What We Did


MRE developed a trade capture process in Salesforce for the Wholesale Power business unit, modeled after existing workflows at the company. The process featured real-time connectivity with the CTRM platform, enabling direct syncing of trade data into Salesforce.

Solution included:

  • Implemented functionality specific to the creation, cloning, and management of wholesale power deals leveraging shared functionality shared across the Salesforce org​
  • Integrated the wholesale power business unit into the existing Salesforce architecture with no additions to existing technical debt​
  • Utilized MuleSoft to integrate Salesforce with CTRM platform using push topic functionality, allowing the systems to securely connect inside the client’s firewall​
What We Delivered


The integration of the Wholesale Power business line resulted in standardization and visibility throughout the organization. The solution was successfully integrated into the existing framework and provides real-time data and metrics into executed trades and overall company performance.

Key Benefits Included:

  • Standardized the process of capturing simple trades and complex trades that require approvals and products
  • Established historical data tracking to maintain a high level of compliance throughout the organization
  • Enabled Real-time reporting and dashboards based on key business metrics and KPIs

Visibility into trade valuations that was previously unavailable can now be reviewed via Dashboards and Reports such as:​

  • Daily Closed Won Opportunities
  • Total Customer Value by Region
  • Total Customer Value by Group
  • Top 20 Accounts by Customer Value
  • Top 20 Opportunities by Customer Value

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