What We Faced


The client had no reliable method of producing an accurate, comprehensive view of the complete IT assets and health of their IT infrastructure. ​

Users, physical assets, software applications, licensing, and other key data were inaccurate and manually maintained in Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Inaccurate information regarding recovery points, data backups, and virus protection also presented a challenge. ​

In addition, inability to gain insight into their baseline of assets and what needed to be upgraded, procured, and supported prevented opportunities to make informed and effective business decisions. Without this visibility, it was difficult to establish a starting point for a desired managed services support engagement.​

Implemented Technologies

Audix Insights™
What We Did


To begin addressing these challenges, Audix Insights™ was deployed on the network to discover and profile all known and unknown assets. Hardware, software, licensing, and essential data became available overnight. ​

In addition, Audix identified key data such as disk capacity, device usage, general and specific environment health, and potential hardware and software risks. The data collected was then combined with Microsoft Office 365 Power BI to allow complete visibility over all assets.

What We Delivered


Audix Insights™ scanned the entire IT infrastructure, accumulated key asset data, and provided meaningful insights – converting data into actionable intelligence. ​

With its ability to track all assets dispersed across the entire network, Audix helped improve IT planning, budgeting, and service delivery. The client now had a comprehensive view of IT assets and health of their IT infrastructure.

Key benefits included:

  • Automated process to rapidly gather IT asset intelligence
  • Improved quality of IT Managed Services
  • Data converted into actionable intelligence
  • Live dashboard metrics for executives and other decision makers

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