What We Faced


Our client was engaged in a $15B acquisition. Critical path items for IT included: identify the necessary servers to migrate to a new infrastructure, take inventory of installed software, and perform a full system health analysis. Initial counts from existing software asset management tools were deemed unreliable, as the bulk of existing systems lacked recent updates. Additionally, asset inventory was managed through outdated spreadsheets. ​
With an aggressive timeline for the acquisition to close, an accelerated discovery effort was required to assess the migration and integration project and facilitate completion of the acquisition. Multiple partners had offered solutions with mixed results. Evaluation of responses showed alarming discrepancies in server counts and cost. While each partner utilized various assessment packages, the resulting differences were significant, creating confidence concerns in overall accuracy of information.

Implemented Technologies

Audix Insights™
What We Did


Within the first 24-hours of the discovery process, Audix Insights™ produced information that inspired confidence. Audix established reliable, accurate asset discovery information, as well as a health recommendation for the systems in scope. ​
Additionally, Audix Insights™ revealed over 400+ servers not included in the original scope and identified software and licensing information critical to the project’s success.

What We Delivered


Audix Insights™ provided the needed data to facilitate an accurate project estimate for the migration. More importantly, the tool provided a drill up/drill down view providing both an executive view and an operational view for asset management. The accessible detailed information included asset counts, server types, software catalogs, and more. ​
Armed with accurate and supportive data to scope the acquisition, our client was able to plan and budget the project with confidence.


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Shayon Mazumder

Director, Technology Consulting

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