What We Faced


The client needed to quickly integrate multiple acquisitions into its existing enterprise environment. They also desired a way to leverage DevOps to build and deploy applications and their corresponding infrastructure.

Challenges included:

  • Onboard all acquired assets​
  • Consolidate and automate the acquired systems under a single platform
  • Implement DevOps build and deploy framework and appropriate infrastructure

Implemented Technologies


Azure App Services
Function App
Logic App
Storage Account
Key Vault
Application Insights
Log Analytics
SEcurity center
sql database
azure devops
audix cloud
What We Did


MRE utilized Azure DevOps technologies and .NET to design, implement, and manage a fully integrated technical ecosystem. This solution offered consolidation of all relevant stakeholders and enabled nimble code deployment practices within the IT organization.

Solution included:

  • Implemented functionality specific to the creation, cloning, and management of wholesale power deals leveraging shared functionality shared across the Salesforce org​
  • Integrated the wholesale power business unit into the existing Salesforce architecture with no additions to existing technical debt​
  • Utilized MuleSoft to integrate Salesforce with CTRM platform using push topic functionality, allowing the systems to securely connect inside the client’s firewall​
What We Delivered


The delivered solution empowered the client to consolidate its recent acquisitions while increasing the speed of deploying enhancements across its entire IT infrastructure.

Significant benefits to users and management included:

  • Enabled clear oversight of 700+ Azure servers
  • Deployed hundreds of applications via standardized build and deploy method
  • Reduced operational complexity via automation improvements​

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