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So you want know Salesforce…

If you are reading this post, chances are you have already Google searched ‘How to get started with Salesforce’ and felt overwhelmed by the amount of resources promising you the easy path to learning the highly sought out CRM. (Most of which begin with “Getting Started…”)

At MRE, we know how terrifying it is to jump headfirst into a new system with the expectation of mastering the fundamentals within days. And we know that Salesforce is no “walk in the park” for most companies when it comes to their first implementation.

The great news is that Salesforce also knows this about itself!

That is why the most important thing for getting users up and running with their new CRM solution is providing quality easy-to-use resources, hands-on learning guides, and unmatched customer service.

Salesforce at a Glance
At its core, Salesforce enables its customers the ability to manage relationships and interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Users are empowered with the latest and coolest tools – and data to achieve company goals and see greater returns.

Where Salesforce shines and excels is its scalable, robust toolset for all aspects of CRM from Sales, Marketing, Security, Automation, App Development, Reporting, Customer Service, and the list goes on. From security to data modeling and integrations, Salesforce offers a customizable solution for your needs, whatever they may be.

But when you dig deeper and find yourself in the weeds of documentation and YouTube videos, you begin to ask yourself any one of the following questions:

  •  How would a Salesforce solution look for our company’s sales process?
  •  How can we engage with stakeholders who may not be customers?
  • Can I restrict data for different users? Can I make certain data public to our customers?
  •  Where can I track interactions with our customers and manage marketing campaigns?

Get Your Hands Dirty with Trailheads!

salesforce trailhead

We know that the best way to learn any new technology is to get hands-on experience. Luckily for us, Salesforce offers just that in the form of Trailheads and Developer Sandboxes.

Wait…What is Trailhead?
A Trailhead is a series of online tutorials that navigate beginner to intermediate Salesforce users through various tools and functionality. With Trailheads, users get to level-up their skills through carefully designed modules and projects. The online learning platform is self-paced with bite-sized content, perfect for those that find themselves always on the go.

“But what exactly do I need to know?”

We know that not every user carries the same responsibilities for their company nor does every user need to know every aspect of Salesforce. To get you started, we have curated three (3) trailmixes designed to get the above user groups up and running. Each trailmix consists of a combination of modules, projects, and Superbadges – for those ambitious Trailblazers – tailored to guide the user through everyday requirements and task.

Below is a brief description of each of three user types.

Salesforce Administrator
The Salesforce Administrator – or “Admin” – is a Salesforce user with system administration duties and other superpowers. All Salesforce organizations have at least one administrator.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of things an admin can help a user with:

  • Create a custom workflow that lets users find out when a case is closed.
  • Create a custom approval process that allows users to sign off on employee expenses.
  • Create a custom report for a user’s Division.
  • Give a user a permission that’s not granted as part of their user profile.
  • Answer questions about a user’s access to records.
  • Address error messages that ask a user to contact your administrator for help or more information.

Administrator Trailhead Mix starter kit 

Salesforce Platform App Builder
Here are some examples of the things a Platform App builder can help with:

  • Design the data model, user interface, business logic, and security for custom applications
  • Customize applications for mobile use
  • Design reports and dashboards
  • Deploy custom applications

App Builder Trailhead Mix starter kit

Salesforce Developer
Here are examples of the kinds of things an admin can help a user with:

  • Design, code, and implement Salesforce applications
  • Build custom integrations between systems
  • QA, testing, debugging, and developing user documentation
  • Participate in application design, configuration, testing, and deployment

Developer Trailhead Mix starter kit

Looking Ahead

Salesforce has tons of documentation and training guides; the hard part is finding the content you need. Start by figuring out your role and checking out the Trailhead mix that is right for you. For those who are just getting started, jump right in and get hands-on!

Salesforce also offers a certification program that recognizes the skills, expertise, and real-world know-how of today’s cloud specialists. The first one that people usually tackle is the Salesforce Administrator Certification. Review the exam guide here to learn more.

Master Salesforce basics for your organization!

    Anthony Martinez


 – Anthony Martinez

Salesforce Senior Consultant, MRE Consulting

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