What We Faced


Luby’s restaurants needed a comprehensive and reliable mapping of their IT assets and environments. They wanted to standardize their IT hardware and software across their many locations and reduce support costs as part of a continuous improvement initiative. The biggest pain point was their point-of-sale (POS) terminals, which represented the restaurant’s primary form of data entry for daily business. There were many different models and configurations for these terminals, which made support and business continuity planning for their restaurants costly and challenging.

Implemented Technologies

Audix Insights™
What We Did


To address these IT challenges, we deployed Audix Insights™ on the Luby’s network to rapidly discover and gather hardware and software information from each IT asset.  Audix Insights™, a machine learning tool, was able to identify and categorize all their POS terminals, laptops, desktops, and servers overnight. The tool also identified data such as CPU and disk usage, memory and system performance trends, critical issues along with potential hardware and software trends. Windows Event Log data was also evaluated and correlated to failed patch events and improper configuration to help determine where to focus support efforts. This data was accessible to the user in a dashboard so the assets, data categories, metrics, and trends could be visualized for easy decision making.

What We Delivered


By using Audix Insights™, we were able to quickly scan the entire Luby’s IT network and surface meaningful and actionable insights. The tool identified which POS devices needed to be replaced, upgraded, or fixed based on the hardware data, in addition to a view of the overall health and state of Luby’s IT assets.

Shortly after implementing Audix Insights™, the tool flagged POS machine that was at critical risk for failure, right before a major dine-out holiday. Luby’s was able to replace the machine without any impact to their operations. In the past, they have had POS machines fail and cause major havoc.
Key benefits included:

  • Automated process to rapidly gather IT asset intelligence
  • Data quickly converted into actionable intelligence
  • Live dashboard metrics for executives and other decision makers
  • IT asset discovery information at-a-glance with the ability to drilldown into the details
  • Proactively identified POS machines at critical risk of failure
  • Hardware lifecycle management forecast data to assist with IT budgets

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