What We Faced


A North American Retail Energy Company with a large multi tenant cloud environment had an increasing demand for tier one storage.  These demands resulted in monthly cloud overage fees that were impacting the business’ bottom line.

The organization wanted a better view of their monthly cloud spending by performing a current state assessment of AWS, Azure and O365 spaces. The goal of the assessment was to focus on license, resource, compute, storage and data assets, and proposing a plan to migrate data into lower cost storage tiers as well as retire unused compute assets to reduce monthly cloud costs.

Challenges included:

  • Inconsistent OpEx cost and leakage due to increased storage demands resulting in significant monthly overage fees.
  • Inability to accurately report cloud costs for Production and Demo environments.
  • No source of truth to validate current vs inactive cloud environments.

Implemented Technologies

Audix Cloud™, Audix 365™
What We Did


The objective of this solution is to assess the cloud environments, establish a baseline, improve the accuracy of monthly OpEx expenses, and ultimately reduce overall OpEx cloud costs.

The solution included:

  • Assess current state cloud environments (AWS, Azure, O365) to include data and compute assets.
  • Validate O365 license and allocations against current employee, vendor, and contact center needs.
  • Document the current state of cloud data and compute, detailing types, tiers and estimated costs.
  • Provide recommendations to reduce cloud compute costs.
  • Support the business in the Enterprise Agreement negotiation with both cloud vendors (Microsoft and AWS).
What We Delivered


Leveraging the Audix Cloud™ and Audix 365™ platforms, the team were able to immediately provide empowered insights into cost leakage across the organization and reduce the monthly spend while also providing trend reporting that prepared the organization for cyclical spikes in spend due to increases in industry demands.

In addition to the benefits below, Audix has now impowered the CIO with a 360 degree view and cloud analytics that allowed a complete renegotiation of the enterprise license agreements which provided a significant reduction in 3-year OpEx costs.

By the end of the assessment the team identified the following benefits to the organization:

  • Immediate savings of 9.2% of total cloud spend through retirement of unallocated disks and closing abandoned test/demo environments.
  • Identified near term savings of 9.9% of total cloud spend by removal of unused licensing, creating policies to shutdown virtual machines, leveraging spot pricing for dynamic workloads, and buying reserved instances.
  • Overall 19.1% identified savings.

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