What We Faced


A large natural gas supplier integrated recent acquisitions as part of its growth strategy to increase and diversify its customers, suppliers, and geographic locations. ​

The existing customer portals for Commercial and Industrial business units did not measure up to current customer expectations for digital experiences. There were multiple customer portals that created a frustrating user experience, particularly for users of multiple services. The various portals utilized different website platform technologies, security authorization and authentication systems, and supported different functionality. ​

For the business, multiple technologies meant different processes were required for registration, new user set-up, content updates, and customer service needs. Due to the legacy technologies, the portals required multiple admins and provided limited site metrics. Overall, the customer experience was cumbersome, inefficient, and costly.

Implemented Technologies

Salesforce Community Cloud
Google Analytics
What We Did


The client engaged MRE to consolidate and integrate the customer portal using Salesforce Community, redefining its online user experience, standardizing business processes, and reducing overall cost of maintenance. ​

MRE implemented a new consolidated portal for their C&I customers built using Salesforce Communities and delivered a scalable, mobile-friendly user experience. ​

The new portal was integrated into Sales Cloud, enabling customers to access historical invoices, usage data, and the ability to pay bills online. Since the portal supported more than one offering, information visibility was tailored to show customer-specific services and pricing.

What We Delivered


The new solution enabled business teams to standardize and optimize business processes for 17,500+ C&I customers with 30,000+ accounts, 150 C&I sales representatives. ​

Community dashboards and Google Analytics provided insights into popular content, user behavior, and overall engagement. The portal functionality is now also a selling point for sales teams who could better serve customers and troubleshoot issues.

Key Benefits Included:

  • Streamlined and standardized business processes, including registration, new user set-up, and contract management
  • Improved user experience with mobile-responsive customer portal
  • Reduced cost of portal administration and maintenance through common technology, security authentication, and authorization
  • Increased insight into customer behavior and growing requests for self-service capabilities

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