What We Faced


A large natural gas supplier’s rail management processes were facing challenges around management of rail logistics, including visibility, optimization and traceability of service. ​
The company was using multiple legacy systems, manual spreadsheets, and emails to coordinate and manage rail shipments from localized offices. The lack of standardization and oversight led to sub-optimal transportation management with revenue and margin leakage. ​
Manual processes were difficult to track and manage, impacting approvals and visibility/oversight for local and corporate levels.​
Inconsistent and manual processes of managing railcars hindered the speed and cost of routing railcars into and out of facilities.

Implemented Technologies

Bourque Logistcs RailTrac
INetRail Devices
CDX Portal Integration
What We Did


The solution included a logistics system for rail management, INetRail Device rollout for data collection, and integration with CDX’s rail Poral real-time scheduling.

The solution:

  • Implemented Bourque Logistics RailTrac solution to manage yard inventories and locations
  • Integrated Bourque Logistics RailTrac solution with CDX to support real-time scheduling
  • Simplified business processes through system consolidation and data tracking
  • Enabled real-time data collection utilizing INetRail handheld devices
What We Delivered


The delivered solution improved performance and stability by consolidating data from manual processes into software designed to manage and coordinate rail logistics, which supported financial targets through:

  • Improved business process efficiency and reduced cost of rail car related fees and charges
  • Integrated rail car management, inventory reporting, and settlement processing
  • Reduced manual reconciliation efforts and the possible risk of missed shipments and penalties related to time- based charges
  • Enabled retirement of legacy business processes and allowed business users to start operating in a consolidated platform

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