MRE Consulting Celebrates 29 Years of Success


Today, as we mark 29 years of Team MRE, we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has stood by us: To our esteemed clients, thank you for entrusting us with your challenges. This journey is not a race but an Iron Man challenge that requires teamwork and perseverance. To our team, we are so proud of the passion and dedication that you bring to our projects each and every day. Your tireless efforts have helped us achieve many successes. To our family, friends, and alumni, your unwavering support means so much.


Since our founding in 1994, MRE’s mission was to establish a different kind of consulting company that enabled its people to grow and build their careers, without sacrificing their own personal goals. This philosophy and culture continues to flourish as the business grows and serves the many industries that thrive in Houston, the energy capital of the world.


As we take the time to look back on the past 29 years, Dru Neikirk, Vice President, reflects on his pride for the accomplishments achieved by the company. “I’m most proud of how MRE has supported thousands of successful careers and has served thousands of satisfied clients.  But what makes me most proud is how MRE has performed when under stress.  From multiple recessions, 9/11, the Enron/energy trading collapse, numerous natural disasters, and a global pandemic shutdown, we’ve weathered a lot of literal and figurative storms and come through them stronger.”


While the pandemic may be a distant memory now, it permanently changed the business landscape and the way we operate. MRE was able to quickly shift its focus and empower our people by providing them with flexible workplace options and new tools to strengthen engagement and build relationships. A new 360-degree review process was put into place to collect constructive feedback and further listen and assess career paths. All of this is a reflection of the company’s founding goals and adaptability to meet change and build future growth.


Glenn Hart, Partner affirms that “As we look forward to the firm’s 30th anniversary in 2024, we will find our firm’s culture will be key to our future success. Regardless of when each of us found our way to MRE, our culture remains the same. We value driving success at our clients, taking a long-term view on relationships, and working on a team we are proud of.”


In the years to come, “The synergies across all our divisions will drive our future growth as well as present new opportunities for our people. MRE’s future is bright, and my hope is that Team MRE continues to rise to the challenges that our customers bring us.”- Glenn states.


No matter what comes our way, Dru reminds us that “Growth is a result of doing the right thing in both good and bad times.” So, let’s continue to build and grow our future together! Here’s to many more amazing years to come.


– MRE leadership


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