What We Faced


A large retail power company acquired a number of businesses to expand and scale its operations in the Midwest and Northeast market. ​

The companies had numerous redundant systems, including multiple customer relationship management (CRM) systems and five separate Salesforce instances with three dedicated to their retail power business.​

The acquisition was intended to generate synergies through integrating and consolidating front office, mid-office, and back-office systems, including developing a single CRM framework and platform.

Implemented Technologies

Salesforce Sales Cloud,
Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud​
Integration with pricing automation,
EDI and Conga
What We Did


Salesforce was selected as the CRM platform due to its extensible and scalable platform. ​
A fully scalable data model and platform were developed, focusing first on requirements and integration of the retail companies serving the Ohio and Illinois markets. ​
Salesforce also served as the backbone for integrating pricing, risk management, contract management (Conga), and billing, enabling defined processes for pricing, deal capture, contract management, and invoice management.  ​
In the next phase, Salesforce was expanded into Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. For Massachusetts, due to timing and requirements, the market utilized Salesforce in conjunction with a 3rd party solution to trigger the actual EDI transactions.

What We Delivered


Moving to a single CRM platform enabled the company to standardize business processes, gain business efficiencies, and share learnings across markets. ​

As they expanded to additional markets, there was a proven approach which could be leveraged and tailored for regional needs.

Key Benefits Included:

  • Standardized customer data model for all markets​
  • Streamlined processes for pricing, deal capture, contract management, and invoice management
  • Integrated with pricing, risk management, contract management (Conga), and billing systems
  • Modeled multiple retail brands in multiple territories in Salesforce architecture and layout to enable sales teams to better serve customers ​

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