What We Faced


A local nonprofit committed to animal care and conservation, with over 2.5 million visitors annually, needed to update its IT infrastructure in order to ensure its internal operations could continue to run smoothly. ​ The nonprofit had expanded their IT footprint over a decade and some components were not easy to support, reach, or maintain to best aid in daily animal care. The nonprofit needed a full picture of all IT assets and data, so they could effectively support their IT infrastructure and conduct comprehensive continuity planning so outages would not impact animals in their care.

Implemented Technologies

Audix Insights™
What We Did


MRE deployed Audix Insights™ on the nonprofit’s network to assess its overall IT health and create an action plan. Audix Insights™ quickly and accurately gathered information about all hardware and software assets connected to the network, including the discovery of previously unknown assets. The organization now had a holistic view from a dashboard. Additional information about the hardware was also available including the available disk space on each asset, and predictions of upcoming hardware failures for proactive replacement. Audix Insights™ also generated visuals of this key data, allowing the leadership team to identify and address trends and anomalies over time.

What We Delivered


Armed with data and insights, the nonprofit gained a better understanding of how to strategically design and manage a stable IT infrastructure for growth, and eventual cloud migration. ​Access to financial data made well-managed budgets significantly easier to achieve, and assessments of hardware health accurately estimated machine replacement costs. ​Audix Insights™ also produced at-a-glance disk space usage and availability, allowing them to detect anomalies and proactively free up necessary resources before problems arose. ​ Not only did Audix Insights™ help the nonprofit achieve its internal goals, it also provided the tools to benchmark their IT health to similar size organizations.

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Shayon Mazumder

Director, Technology Consulting
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