Three Upgrade Benefits for Endur Natural Gas and Power Clients

By Tommy Miles

June 7th, 2022

We are excited to say that for the first time in several versions, we believe upgrading Endur can provide business value beyond the technology risk reduction. This builds a strong business case to justify the time and effort to perform the upgrade to v22. New functionality offered in version v17-22 may be able to replace customized solutions or allow the migration of business functionalities that are currently off-system into Endur.

Here are three areas we see benefits for Natural Gas and Power clients that can improve business process efficiency, reduce customization, and reduce off-system functionality:


  1. Power transaction modeling enhancements including ability to define complex settlement formulas, formulaic fee calculations, utilize billing volume type functionality, and performance and data improvements for management of power time series and volumetric data
  2. Natural Gas scheduling improvements including a re-designed and highly configurable UI / UX for nomination creation, ability to manage long-term storage and transport contracts while maintaining system performance, dual unit of measure (UOM) management on a transaction, updated storage valuation model, and transport spread valuation improvements for contracts with segmented transportation
  3. Technology reliability advancements including APM replacement of RTP, transition of script engine to grid cluster / engine operations, and updates to performance and stability


Unsure how these changes may benefit your organization or need help building the business case and budget for an upgrade? The MRE Consulting Energy team is here to help. We offer Endur Upgrade Assessments, which provide you with a framework to quickly analyze changes from your current version to the target version, identify and define the business value to support the upgrade business case, estimate the time and effort to execute the upgrade, and identify any Endur core issues early in the planning process.

If you are ready to start your upgrade to v22, our Endur Upgrade Methodology is also a big advantage for a smooth upgrade. We start with a risk assessment which determines the best way to optimize testing and costs. The risk assessment becomes the foundation for execution of the upgrade. We also implement multiple testing methodologies including smoke testing early to find core code issues, thorough regression testing of areas impacted by change, performance testing and validation, and streamlined and efficient user acceptance testing. This approach builds high confidence in the stability and performance of the upgraded Endur environment. In all activities during the upgrade, we evaluate and document any areas of improvement for business process through new or modified Endur functionality and deliver this assessment as part of the upgrade.

If you are considering an upgrade, are in the process of upgrading and need assistance, or just want to talk about your options, MRE Consulting is here to help. We are actively engaged in multiple v22 upgrade projects and are ready to share our experience and knowledge to help your upgrade deliver on time, on budget, and with increased business value. Email me below for more.


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Tommy Miles

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