Our Approach

We enable smarter decisions through data strategy, integration, analysis and visualization. Wherever you are on your data analytics journey our experts can help you navigate to the next waypoint.

Challenges We Solve

Starting with clearly defined challenges and goals sets a foundation for impactful solutions that add value and drive decision making.

Modernize your enterprise data strategy

Develop a comprehensive data strategy with defined data governance, lifecycle processes, quality standards, stewards/owners, and technology capabilities.

Align data to strategy and enable decision-making

Define what data is needed to make day-to-day and long-term business decisions. Provide reporting on key metrics through executive dashboards that immediately communicate important trends and information for action.

Drive action and value from unstructured data

Complement your existing data by extracting insights from complex, unstructured data sets through aggregation, artificial intelligence, and reporting.

Prioritize customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn

Quantify and measure key performance indicators like customer churn and net promoter score for insights into expected behavior and lifetime value. Drive sales and marketing processes based on customer metrics.

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Case Study

Creating a Single Source of Truth for Consumer Insights

The Fortune 100 media company, despite being one of the largest media and communications conglomerates in the United States, was unable to accurately measuring the number of user subscriptions it received on a daily basis.
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Our Capabilities

Our experience and expertise in BI solutions organizations to uncover new and exciting details about their business.

Enterprise Data Management

Identify critical data for the enterprise and establish a single reference point for information, reducing redundancy and conflicting data points. Define resources and operational processes needed to store, organize, and manage enterprise data and metadata.

Customer Analytics

Quantify and measure key performance indicators like customer churn and net promoter score for insights into expected behavior and lifetime value.

Predictive Analytics

Gather statistical insight from current and historical data to drive decision-making. Build predictive models to provide a deeper understanding of assets and investments.

Big Data Analytics

Utilize the tools to better manage the volume, velocity, and variety of your organization’s data to maintain a competitive edge in the market place. Pooling your data with external sources, such as social media platforms, provides a greater understanding of your organizations market share.

Architecture & Integration

Gain a single view of the customer, connect disparate processes, and deliver consistent experiences across channels.

Data Warehousing & Performance

Design and implement a centralized data warehouse with data marts for every level of the organization. Monitor the behavior and through-put of your analytics systems in order to fine-tune performance and expand their audience.

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Audix Insights™: Optimize your IT hardware and software assets

Do you know your application and infrastructure usage, and how usage is allocated across business departments? Audix Insights™ quickly discovers and visualizes hardware and software data from managed assets in your environment for IT decision-making. It also provides actionable recommendations to optimize technology spend and cost estimates for financial planning.

Audix Insights™ was designed and developed internally by MRE Consulting on the Microsoft platform using .NET, Power BI and Azure. Audix Insights™ was also recognized with the CIO 100 award in 2017.

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