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Steven Nguyen


What’s your background?

I grew up in Galveston, Texas and moved to Houston to go to school. I really do like being in the city. Galveston is nice, but mainly just for vacations or recreational activities. I studied at UHD for computer science and I have been working in IT for 4 years now with MRE being my third Managed Service Provider (MSP).

What do you do at MRE?

I work on the service desk team as a technician and help resolve tickets and improve procedures. I also assist where I can help scale the SMB team with its rapid growth.

You just started at MRE, how are you liking it so far?

Its fresh and new especially coming from a few different MSP organizations. It’s good, mainly because it’s seems like the MSP portion of MRE is still growing and expanding. Now, I feel like I have a lot to offer with different experience, practices, and standards to leverage. I feel like I can be a part of shaping MRE.

What is unique to working at MRE versus other MSP’s?

There are not really any borders. Basically, if you think you can do something or have an idea, you can freely contribute. Even if it is something out of your scope, managers and leaders all welcome to your input and your participation. So, it’s nice in that aspect. A very welcoming atmosphere that lets you expand your horizons and explore new technologies.

What skills does someone need to be successful in the role that you’re in?


Logic to bring structure to chaotic situations and the patience to see it through.

Geek-out time, what’s most interesting Microsoft feature/function to you?

The most recent exciting thing would be that Microsoft is moving towards subscription-based workstations. Before you had an operating system for like Windows 98 or 2000, and you had to buy an actual physical CD of it and then install it on the computer. Now it’s going to be all subscription based. so when you buy a computer it has Windows pre-loaded on it. But the thing is, you can’t use it until you actually sign into your account that has a subscription plan for you to use it.

This is exciting because it makes it easier for technology experts like our IT team manage multiple desktops. It’s also more convenient for user too. If the individual user has a profile set up they can hop onto any computer, sign in, and it has all of their personal configurations and preferences anywhere they go.

Is there anything else in the industry that you are excited about?

I’m sure you know the whole hype recently was moving everything into the cloud. Storage, certain services, and different applications. But now, they’re pushing towards moving your whole networking infrastructure into the cloud. Your internet, your provider, and your actual router, all of that would be in the cloud. You wouldn’t have to have a physical device that you would need to take care of and maintain. All of that would be managed for you in the cloud. It would be less hardware or overhead spend especially for medium sized businesses.

What’s your favorite part about working at MRE?


The people. Everyone is professional and dedicated to their job. But I would also say it’s really the collaboration that everyone brings that makes MRE a unique place to work.

The people. Everyone is professional and dedicated to their job. But I would also say it’s really the collaboration that everyone brings that makes MRE a unique place to work. You can easily step across into different areas that you want to work on and explore new things. That has been the best part, that you can test new ideas and actually implement it into a solution with your team.


What do you do for fun?

I hike. I wish I could do it more, but I’m really still new at it. It’s nice to just going out and leave all the technology behind me. I’ve done the cliché Grand Canyon ones. The Grand Canyon, it is amazing. I love the place. Next on my list is to hike is Zion National Park and Hawaii. That’s one of the main reasons why I want to travel. I usually don’t like traveling but finding a good hike makes it worth it.

Steven Nguyen Austin hike

Barton Creek, Austin

I do home IT lab projects. I built my own little mini company, as far as the infrastructure that is. It’s there just so that I can test a few things and ideas at home. I have a domain, virtual machines, bunch of servers, an email service, and a website that I run. It’s basically so can I test out all the things that are needed within a company that requires IT Services. It’s an IT nerd sandbox. 😊

I recently took up tennis, I always wanted to do it. COVID kind of just pushed me towards it a little bit more. Yeah, it’s just amazing. Definitely not in shape for it, but I like playing with friends and family. I saw the King Richard movie recently about Venus and Serena Williams and it really got me motivated to play more.


What’s a random fact about you people don’t know?

I love to eat crawfish; I make it myself. I try to do a big crawfish boil every year. I make it and pass it out to friends and family or just have a big gathering.

Steven Nguyen grand canyon

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


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